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Social Security

The Social Security disability attorneys at Elverson, Vasey & Peterson can help to ensure that you receive the Social Security benefits that you deserve. They assist clients with every stage of the claims process, from the initial application to Federal appeals.

The Social Security regulations and laws are complex. An attorney with decades of experience dealing with the Social Security Administration can not only put your mind at ease, but also represent you with the administration in the following processes:

Initial Application
Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing
Federal Appeals

When you file a Social Security disability claim with the Social Security Administration, the administration may initially deny your claim. The experienced Social Security disability attorneys at Elverson, Vasey & Peterson can help file an appeal if you have been denied Social Security disability benefits.

 Long-Term Disability

You may have private disability coverage through an insurance carrier. The Social Security disability attorneys at Elverson, Vasey & Peterson assist many clients who have been denied benefits or taken off benefits that were initially paid. They can help you pursue these claims or help stop the insurance carrier from taking away benefits to which you are entitled. They are practiced at obtaining benefits for individuals suffering from long-term debilitating injury, disease or mental illness even when their insurer has initially denied their claim.